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We have tried to capture the story of the Lethbridge Maple Leafs and provide a site to post stories, documents, links and photos of their incredible journey to the Championship.

To read their great story from the beginning, scroll to the bottom of the site to part 1 and work your way up through the 34 parts (You may have to click on “older posts” at the bottom to get to part 1). Each part is in chronological order and describes a part of the journey and many contain photos (We continue to add new photos to these posts as we get them).

After part 34 we are posting current related activities, stories and photos from the Galt Museum & Archives, Lethbridge Hurricanes, City of Lethbridge and private collections, as they become available. If you have a photo or story contribution for the site we would be happy to post it.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thank you

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being been so helpful and supportive in our effort to bring the Lethbridge Maple Leaf story to the world. 

We continue to receive page views from all over the world and occasionally we receive stories and photos from our readers.  Thanks to all of you! 

In particular, we want to thank honourary Lethbridge Maple Leaf, James Sinclair, pictured below.  James continues to be the Number 1 fan of the Leafs and he has contributed many photos, videos, comments and background information to this site. James also played a large role in organizing the family night for the Hurricanes replica jersey celebration.  Thanks you James!

Don McLean's Daughters Diane and Cheryl 
With James Sinclair in a Replica Jersey

We would also like to thank the Galt Museum and Archives in Lethbridge, Alberta. Many of the photos are provided courtesy of the Galt Museum and Archives and especially Collections Technician- Kevin MacLean, pictured left.  Kevin continues to alert us to collection donations from the Maple Leafs. Kevin also had a photographer take pictures of the collection for us to post.  Thank you Kevin!
Photo Courtesy Galt Museum and Archives

We would also like to thank the Obodiac family for the use of the many references and quotes of Stan Obodiac's great book, No Substitute for Victory, ! The digital version is made available through the consent of the  Obodiac family  to the University of Alberta Library's Peel's Prairie Provinces, a resource dedicated to assisting scholars, students and researchers of all types!

We would also like to thank those who encouraged us and promoted the site:  Gregg Drinnan, Sports Editor, Kamloops Daily News;  Phillip Pritchard, Hockey Hall of Fame; Terry Vogt, CTV News Lethbridge; Bob Nicholson, Executive Director,  Hockey Canada; the Lethbridge Hurricanes for partnering on the anniversary night at the Hurricanes game,  and many more! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Lethbridge Hurricanes Donate Original Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Clippings to Lethbridge Maple Leafs would like to thank the Lethbridge Hurricanes for donating original Lethbridge Herlad clippings of the Maple Leafs to us.  The clippings had been  compiled and preserved in a scrap book at the time of the word championships.  A Hurricane fan dropped the collection off at the Hurricanes office.  The photos below represent the many pages of Herald articles and photos in the collection:

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ylva Lindstrom Sent us Photos, Autographs and Memories of The Maple Leafs Game Against Leksand IF!

We were very fortunate to receive an email from a fan at one of the Lethbridge Maple Leaf games in 1951! 

We would like to thank Ylva Lindstrom (maiden name Hakansson) who was just 12 (pictured below) when the Maple Leafs came to town to play her team Leksand IF. Mrs. Lindstrom provided the pictures below and the following email telling us her story!  She also collected the autographs of the Lethbridge Maple Leaf players and provided us with a scan of them, below!

Hi Trevor,

Hi,   in 1951, as a young girl, 12 years of age, I watched a home game for my team Leksand IF. I took the opportunity to take the autographs of all the players in both teams. When I looked at them today I found the reference to your team Lethbridge Maple Leafs and googled it. Thank you for keeping the blogg since it gave me the background information for the reason of my autographs.

I do not have any memory from the game itself. What I recall is though that it was a big event for the small town of Leksand. I got the autographs during on of the breaks of the game while the player's were resting in the locker room.

I went to the game together with my father Nils Hakansson who was very interested in ice hockey. I was also a great fan. My father was a doctor and if anyone got injured at the game he was probably the one that attended to it.

About the attached pictures:
001: contains a picture of myself (june 1951) and two photos by professional photografer Olle Sellner. I must have bougth those pictures after the game. It shows the poster for the games (besides Leksand on Feb 27th at 8 pm, a second game must have been played in nearby city of Mora Feb 25th at 5 pm.). The tickets was on sale from Monday Feb. 19th. On the poster it also says that your opponent was Dalarna. It is the name of the county where Leksand is situated. There is also a picture of the outdoor arena 'Siljanvallen' in Leksand.

On picture 002 there is a nice dedication to myself from your captain Stan Obodiac.
On picture 005 there is a signature by your teams swedish guide Ebbe Sandberg.
A link to the history of Leksands IF

The team of Leksand in 1951:

Best regards
Ylva Lindstrom (maiden name Hakansson)