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Monday, March 7, 2011

Lethbridge Maple Leafs CTV News Story: Leaf Don McLean Discusses Receiving Championship Rings on the 50th Anniversary

Lethbridge Maple Leafs Championship Rings:  A Symbol of Lifelong Friendship.   Lethbridge Maple Leaf Don McLean discusses how the Leafs  finally received championship rings in 2001,  50  years after their world championship win.  This "Ring Story" was featured on Lethbridge CTV News with Terry Vogt reporting in 2001.  The drive to have the players receive the rings was spearheaded by long time Leaf fan James Sinclair. James was a key organizer of the 50th anniversary celebrations in 2001.  In appreciation for his work the Lethbridge Maple Leaf team members made James an honourary Leaf team member and he also received his own Leaf  ring. 

Video Posted with Permission:  Courtesy CTV News Lethbridge
News Director Terry Vogt

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