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Friday, December 17, 2010

Winston Churchill Trophy Presentation to Player/Coach Dick Gray in 1951

Player/Coach Dick Gray Accepts the
 Sir Winston Churchill Trophy in England, 1951
Photo Courtesy City of Lethbridge Enmax Collection
Donor:  Dick Gray

Player/Coach Dick Gray Accepts the
 Sir Winston Churchill Trophy in England, 1951
Photo Courtesy City of Lethbridge Enmax Collection
Donor:  Dick Gray
This photo hangs in the Enmax Centre as part of the City of Lethbridge Photograph Collection. The photo also contains the signatures of the Lethbridge Maple Leaf players.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Homecoming: Parade, Banquet and City Hall Greeting, Part 34

Welcome Home Parade
Photo Courtesy Galt Museum & Archives
UID 19753810012

Welsome Home Greeting at City Hall
Photo Courtesy Galt Museum & Archives
UID 19753810017

Banquet in the Maple Leafs' Honour
Photo Courtesy Galt Museum & Archives
UID 19753810016
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The Airplane

Families Greeting Players

More Family Greetings

Arriving Home in a Blizzard

At the Lethbridge Airport

The Parade

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lethbridge Maple Leafs Homecoming, Part 33

Coming Home
Photos Courtesy James Sinclair Collection
The Lethbridge Maple Leafs arrived home in Lethbridge, Alberta during a raging spring blizzard.
The first evening the Leafs were guests at a banquet with many speeches and greetings.  The next night a huge dance was held in their honour with 2,500 in attendance.

This was followed the next day by  a one mile long parade.  Each Maple Leaf road in a convertible and all Lethbridge lined the streets. 5,000 school children waved school colours along the route. The parade ended at the steps of city hall.  On top of city hall a huge banner read, Welcome Home Champs.
Lethbridge stores had windows decorated for them.

Obodiac wrote: “It is a wonderful feeling to be champion of the world p. 150.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Going Home as World Champions, Part 32

Empress of France II (Formerly the Duchess of Bedford)
The Lethbridge Maple Leafs Were Going Home

After their long journey to world champions they wanted to get home as soon as possible. On April 10, 1951 they started the long trip to Canada. The Lethbridge Maple Leafs boarded the Empress of France for the voyage home.
The trip home was anticlimactic and they passed the time with diversions from the other 700 passengers, conversation, games, dances and food. Tom Wood paced the decks awaiting news from home of the impending birth of a baby. They sailed into a severe 2 day storm that left many ill and delayed their trip.

Tom Kirkham, a Lethbridge business owner, sent the Leafs a wire on behalf of the citizens of Lethbridge:  Welcome home. Families will meet you at the airport in individual cars then rush to parade starting at 10:30. Civic welcome city hall at noon. Civic provincial banquet Thursday at 6:30. Dance at arena Friday night……Bring both cups, God bless you all p. 145

On the Ship Home with Trophies
Photo Coutesy James Sinclair Collection

It would be quite a homecoming!