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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Off to a Bad Start- The England /Scotland Tour! Part 14

On the last day of 1950 the Leafs got on the ice for the first time in two weeks. They were at the Streatham ice rink in south London for a practice. The week at sea, sea sickness, and travel fatigue were evident. The last night before getting back to hockey the Lethbridge Maple Leafs experienced the 1950 News Years Eve in London England at an All Nations Club with 30 nations represented. On January 1, 1951 they travelled to Nottingham for their first game of their extensive exhibition tour.  The first leg of the tour was 7 games in England and Scotland.  They were out of game shape and lost to Nottingham 8 – 6.  After the game they were besieged by autograph hunters, which they initially found thrilling and complimentary.  It was clear that they would have to play themselves back into top game shape.

In the first game in Scotland they played better winning easily, 7 -3. The third game in Falkirk was a 3 -1 victory but came at a cost as Negrello went down with a groin injury. Siray was out of the lineup with a bad cold. They came to the realization that they were going to need all 18 players to be successful.  Injuries, especially to Captain Hec Negrello and goaltender Mallie Hughes, the flu, travel fatigue and the long layoff resulted in a poor start to the European tour.  They left England and Scotland having lost 4 of the 7 games.  

On the last day in England tour organizer Bunny Ahearne gathered the team for an informal meeting.  He said the team had only been moderately satisfactory to date… The strange country, food, injuries,and colds all had taken a toll but they had to do better. There was concern!

Stan Obobiac wrote, "Dick is bearing a terrific load…Dick is worrying."

The  Maple Leafs then left for the next part of the European tour.  They flew to the continent for games in France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, and Sweden.

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