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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stan Obodiac: Lethbridge Maple Leaf Leading Scorer and Team Reporter

Obodiac, Stan (1922-1984)

Stan was the top scorer with 24 points (12+12) in the 1951 World Championship and his sweater from that series is in the Hockey Hall of Fame. He became the Public Relations Director for the Toronto Maple Leafs 1958-64. He was fiercely loyal to the Toronto Maple Leaf organization and its owner Harold Ballard.

Stan was the designated reporter for the championship trip and wrote daily of the experiences of the Lethbridge Maple Leafs long journey to the world championship and home again.  His reports were featured in the Lethbridge Herald during the trip. However, he was not happy with the editing and in the introduction to the book he wrote about the championship journey called: "No Substitute for Victory: The Story of the Canadian World Hockey Victory", he wrote:
Some of the articles in this book appeared in edited form in the Lethbridge Herald...but were so expurgated that those who read those will not recognize these.

Stan Obodiac's reports and book are references for many of the posts in this site.

He authored several books, including, "No Substitute for Victory: The story of the Canadian world hockey victory", and  "Maple Leaf Gardens: 50 Years of History".


  1. Stan was a really fine gentleman who always was more than kind and pleasant to me as he was to all others ...

    What he did not know about the game of hockey in general and especially the history of Maple Leaf Gardens could be engraved on the head of a very small pin ...

    He lived for his time at the Gardens although, and most unfortunately, his time on earth was far too short as he truly deserved a long and happy retirement ...

    There are or were few like him that I knew in his era ...

    The name of Stan Obodiac will be remembered by many who knew him forever.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment! We appreciate hearing from people who have first- hand accounts of the people and stories. If you have additional information or stories about Stan Obodiac we would like post them in this blog or at . Please email us or post additional comments. Thanks again!