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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Look Back: Maple Leafs Played in Front of 400,000 People and Travelled 30,000 Miles in 14 Countries, Part 31

A Look Back

There were several more exhibition games in England but they were anticlimactic except for Bill Flick breaking his wrist and requiring surgery.

The journey to the championships and beyond had been a long one!  The Maple Leafs began the journey in early December 1950 in Lethbridge, Alberta. Including games in Canada they played 62 games. They won 51, lost 7 and tied 4.  This included an amazing 44 game unbeaten string in Europe. By the time they were getting ready for home they had traveled close to 30,000 miles by bus, train, ship, airplane and car and played before about 400,000 people in 14 countries.
In the 6 World Championship games, the Leafs scored 62 goals and only allowed 6 goals against them.  A truly dominating performance!  Maple Leaf goals scorers in the World Championships:  Obodiac (12), Gibson (8), McLean (5), Roth (5), Flanagan (8), Flick (5), Chandler (5), Negrello (4), Rimstead (3), Gray (2), Vogan (1), Wood (1), Knibbs (1), Milroy (1), Siray (0), Malacko (0).
Obodiac's footnotes to their victories included (p. 139 -140):
Best Rinks-Wembley or Earl`s Court in England, Hellenstadion in Jurich, and the Olympic rink in Germany.
Biggest Rink- Atreatham in England, 110 by 210
Smallest Rink- Brussels, 47 by 160
Best Team Played: English All-Stat team.
Most Goals in a game:  Billy Gibson with 5
Most Points in a Game: Stan Obodiac with 10
Leading Scoring Defenseman: Vogan with 25 goals
Leading Scorers: Hec Negrello, Bill Gibson and Stan Obodiac
Most Penalized: Bill Gibson, Don McLean and Don Vogan
Inspirational Leaders: Dick Gray and Hector Negrello
Ontario Line's Effectiveness: It was felt that the Maple Leafs could have won the world champioships without the Ontario line from the Kitchener -Waterloo Flying Dutchman but they defenitely could not have won the Winston Churchill Cup without them!

Players received offers to play in Europe and Malacho took an offer to finish the season with Harringay in England. Dick Gray was offered a coaching job with Sweden but returned home.

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