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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Final Leg of the Tour: Belgium, Holland, Sweden, and England, Part 20

Maple Leafs pose in native Dutch costume
Taken from Obodiac's No Substitute for Victory
p. 99
The Leafs had lopsided wins in Belgium against a team bolstered by 4 Canadians in a small rink – about 160 feet long. They  won 13-2. Then the game in Brussels was in a rink 50 by 160. The rink was so small the Leafs didnt play with a full team -Gibson, Negrello and MaClean got the day off and they won 21 -1. Milroy said, "I learnt my hockey on a bigger rink in my back yard" ( p.95)

The Leafs then left for Holland on February 19 and got a well needed rest. They only had  1 game in 3 days. They toured the country and saw the tourist spots. The Leafs had to give the Dutch the "pony line" and goalie Mallie Hughes for the game .For Mallie they found a pair of Turk Brodas pads that he left in Holland when he had been there in the war. The Leafs won 11-2.

Then they went to Sweden where before the game the crowd all stood and gave the Canadians 3 cheers. The Leafs won 2-1. After the game many youth swarmed them for autographs which led Obodiac to predict that judging from the enthusiasm from the youth for the game " Sweden would be a great hockey competitor in the future". They won the next 2 games by the same score:  10-2;  this was followed by a 7-2 win. They won 2 more games in Sweden in the early days of March.

Obodiac wrote, "our team is at a peak now fore we have beaten very strong teams by a large score. It is hoped we do not lose this edge of keeness for Paris. We feel our touring is over now, we have beaten every team inEurope; we have played 40 games."

The last game before Paris back in England:

The last game before Paris was in London on March 7. The London game was very important. When they Leafs first started their tour they lost all 3 games in England. The English started the game strong and led 2 -0 after the first period. However, the Leafs poured it on and ended with an 8 -3 convincing victory. The game was televised on the BBC. They had now gone 34 games without a loss.

The European tour was over - they were ready for Paris!

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