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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thank you from lethbridgemapleleafs.com

Thank you from lethbridgemapleleafs.com  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being been so helpful and supportive in our effort to bring the Lethbridge Maple Leaf story to the world. 

We continue to receive page views from all over the world and occasionally we receive stories and photos from our readers.  Thanks to all of you! 

In particular, we want to thank honourary Lethbridge Maple Leaf, James Sinclair, pictured below.  James continues to be the Number 1 fan of the Leafs and he has contributed many photos, videos, comments and background information to this site. James also played a large role in organizing the family night for the Hurricanes replica jersey celebration.  Thanks you James!

Don McLean's Daughters Diane and Cheryl 
With James Sinclair in a Replica Jersey

We would also like to thank the Galt Museum and Archives in Lethbridge, Alberta. Many of the photos are provided courtesy of the Galt Museum and Archives and especially Collections Technician- Kevin MacLean, pictured left.  Kevin continues to alert us to collection donations from the Maple Leafs. Kevin also had a photographer take pictures of the collection for us to post.  Thank you Kevin!
Photo Courtesy Galt Museum and Archives

We would also like to thank the Obodiac family for the use of the many references and quotes of Stan Obodiac's great book, No Substitute for Victory, ! The digital version is made available through the consent of the  Obodiac family  to the University of Alberta Library's Peel's Prairie Provinces, a resource dedicated to assisting scholars, students and researchers of all types!

We would also like to thank those who encouraged us and promoted the site:  Gregg Drinnan, Sports Editor, Kamloops Daily News;  Phillip Pritchard, Hockey Hall of Fame; Terry Vogt, CTV News Lethbridge; Bob Nicholson, Executive Director,  Hockey Canada; the Lethbridge Hurricanes for partnering on the anniversary night at the Hurricanes game,  and many more! 

*This is a project of www.justgroup.ca and no income is derived from this project or site.  It is entirely resourced from Just Group.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Lethbridge Hurricanes Donate Original Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Clippings to Lethbridge Maple Leafs

Lerthbridgemapleleafs.com would like to thank the Lethbridge Hurricanes for donating original Lethbridge Herlad clippings of the Maple Leafs to us.  The clippings had been  compiled and preserved in a scrap book at the time of the word championships.  A Hurricane fan dropped the collection off at the Hurricanes office.  The photos below represent the many pages of Herald articles and photos in the collection:

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ylva Lindstrom Sent us Photos, Autographs and Memories of The Maple Leafs Game Against Leksand IF!

We were very fortunate to receive an email from a fan at one of the Lethbridge Maple Leaf games in 1951! 

We would like to thank Ylva Lindstrom (maiden name Hakansson) who was just 12 (pictured below) when the Maple Leafs came to town to play her team Leksand IF. Mrs. Lindstrom provided the pictures below and the following email telling us her story!  She also collected the autographs of the Lethbridge Maple Leaf players and provided us with a scan of them, below!

Hi Trevor,

Hi,   in 1951, as a young girl, 12 years of age, I watched a home game for my team Leksand IF. I took the opportunity to take the autographs of all the players in both teams. When I looked at them today I found the reference to your team Lethbridge Maple Leafs and googled it. Thank you for keeping the blogg since it gave me the background information for the reason of my autographs.

I do not have any memory from the game itself. What I recall is though that it was a big event for the small town of Leksand. I got the autographs during on of the breaks of the game while the player's were resting in the locker room.

I went to the game together with my father Nils Hakansson who was very interested in ice hockey. I was also a great fan. My father was a doctor and if anyone got injured at the game he was probably the one that attended to it.

About the attached pictures:
001: contains a picture of myself (june 1951) and two photos by professional photografer Olle Sellner. I must have bougth those pictures after the game. It shows the poster for the games (besides Leksand on Feb 27th at 8 pm, a second game must have been played in nearby city of Mora Feb 25th at 5 pm.). The tickets was on sale from Monday Feb. 19th. On the poster it also says that your opponent was Dalarna. It is the name of the county where Leksand is situated. There is also a picture of the outdoor arena 'Siljanvallen' in Leksand.

On picture 002 there is a nice dedication to myself from your captain Stan Obodiac.
On picture 005 there is a signature by your teams swedish guide Ebbe Sandberg.
A link to the history of Leksands IF

The team of Leksand in 1951:

Best regards
Ylva Lindstrom (maiden name Hakansson)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mr. Andrew "Nap" Milroy 1923 - 2012: Our Sincere Condolences to the Milroy Family

Mr. Andrew "Nap" Milroy, 1923 - 2012
Photo courtesy James Sinclair Collection
On behalf of LethbridgeMapleLeafs.com and Just Group we would like  to express our sincere condolences to the Milroy family. Mr. Andrew “Nap” Milroy passed away on Saturday, April 14, 2012.  

It was our honour to meet and interview Mr. Milroy as part of our research into the journey of the Lethbridge Maple Leafs to the World Championships in 1951.  We were privileged to feature Mr. Milroy in several posts, below. The international hockey community has lost a true champion.


Trevor Esau
Darcen Esau

World Champion "Nap" Milroy Inspects Hurricanes 1951 Lethbridge Maple Leaf Replica Jerseys

 "The Handshake" A Great Hockey Moment Across the Generations: Mitch Maxwell and Nap Milroy

More Photos of Lethbridge Maple Leaf Replica Jersey Night and Tom Wood and Nap Milroy Puck Drop

Video of the Lethbridge Hurricane Ceremonial Puck Drop Honouring 1951 Lethbridge Maple Leafs: Nap Milroy and Tom Woods Drop Puck

 Lethbridge Maple Leaf Team and Families Honoured By Lethbridge Hurricanes At Home Game

Trevor and Mr. Milroy inspecting the Lethbridge
Maple Leaf collection at the Galt Museum.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

IIHF U20 World Hockey Championship 2012- Lethbridge Maple Leaf Display: Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey Canada put on an excellent show at the 2012 IIHF U20 World Hockey Championship 2012 in Calgary!

One excellent part was the Hockey Hall of Fame display! HHO and Hockey Canada brought in the Lethbridge Maple Leaf and Edmonton Mercury dispaly!

Hockeyhistory.org's Trevor
Esau at the Display

They did us proud!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

60th Anniversary Today-March 17: Congratultions to the Lethbridge Maple Leafs on the 60th Anniversary of your World Championship Victory! The Story in Pictures!

Today is the 60th Anniversary of  the Lethbridge Maple Leaf World Championship Victory, March 17, 1951 in Paris, France.

The Lethbridge  Maple Leafs began the journey in early December 1950 in Lethbridge, Alberta. Including games in Canada they played 62 games. They won 51, lost 7 and tied 4.  This included an amazing 44 game unbeaten string in Europe. By the time they were getting ready for home they had traveled close to 30,000 miles by bus, train, ship, airplane and car and played before about 400,000 people in 14 countries.
In the 6 World Championship games, the Leafs scored 62 goals and only allowed 6 goals against them.  A truly dominating performance!

To celebrate the Anniversary day, Lethbridgemapleleafs.com has picked our favourite photos from the blog  to tell the story ( Please scroll down through the blog to see the entries that accompany the photos and credits for the photos):

Photo Courtesy of the Galt Museum and Archives

Courtesy James Sinclair Collection

Courtesy James Sinclair Collection

From Sat Obodiac's book, No Substitute For Victory
Courtesy Obadiac Family

Courtesy James Sinclair Collection

Courtesy James Sinclair Collection

Courtesy James Sinclair Collection
Courtesy James Sinclair Collection
Courtesy James Sinclair Collection

Courtesy City of Lethbridge Enmax Collection
Donor: Dick Gray
Courtesy of the Galt Museum and Archives

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Lethbridge Maple Leafs CTV News Story: Leaf Don McLean Discusses Receiving Championship Rings on the 50th Anniversary

Lethbridge Maple Leafs Championship Rings:  A Symbol of Lifelong Friendship.   Lethbridge Maple Leaf Don McLean discusses how the Leafs  finally received championship rings in 2001,  50  years after their world championship win.  This "Ring Story" was featured on Lethbridge CTV News with Terry Vogt reporting in 2001.  The drive to have the players receive the rings was spearheaded by long time Leaf fan James Sinclair. James was a key organizer of the 50th anniversary celebrations in 2001.  In appreciation for his work the Lethbridge Maple Leaf team members made James an honourary Leaf team member and he also received his own Leaf  ring. 

Video Posted with Permission:  Courtesy CTV News Lethbridge
News Director Terry Vogt

Friday, March 4, 2011

CTV News Lethbridge Maple Leaf 60th Anniversary Story Featuring Player Nap Milroy

CTV News Lethbridge ran this story featuring Leaf Nap Milroy to highlight the Lethbridge Maple Leafs 60th Anniversary and the replica jerseys the Lethbridge Hurricanes wore in WHL league play. Heath Brown and Terry Vogt of CTV news with the story.


Video Posted With Permission- Courtesy CTV News Lethbridge
News Director- Terry Vogt

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hockey Hall of Fame Invites Donations to Their Lethbridge Maple Leaf Collection and Exhibit! VP and Curator Phillip Pritchard Extends Invitation!

If you are a 1951 Leaf player or you are a family member or friend of a 1951 Lethbridge Maple Leaf player and have documents, pictures, diaries, jerseys, rings, trophies, medals and other hockey equipment of the 1950/51 season, the Hockey Hall of Fame would be very interested in preserving the artifacts in their collection as a way of celebrating the 60th Anniversary!

HHOF Vice President and Curator, Phillip Pritchard wrote to us saying: 
 The Hockey Hall of Fame prides itself on having the premier hockey collection in the world and none of this can be done without the assistance of people like yourself and the people of Lethbridge.
I wonder if any of the family members have jerseys from the teams the played in Europe (as a lot of teams traded jerseys then) or jerseys from other teams that might have played for prior to or after the Maple Leafs.
As you can appreciate the Hockey Hall of Fame tells the whole story of hockey, not just the NHL, World Championships etc....it would be great to add to the story by talking about players that played for the Maple Leafs and where they played prior to the World Champions and then afterwards.

If you have a donation lethbridgemapleleafs.com would be happy to coordinate the gathering and delivery.
Send us an e-mail at: lethbridgemapleleafs.com  Thanks -Click on the poster below twice to enlarge.

Prepared by the HHOF

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Hockey Hall of Fame Joins Us in Honouring the Lethbridge Maple Leafs: Photo of the HHOF Display

Hockey Hall of Fame's Craig Campbell left and
Phillip Pritchard right.
Photo Source:  Hockey Hall of Fame
 We are excited to be working with the Hockey Hall of Fame!  It was great to hear from Phillip Pritchard, Vice President and Curator and Craig Campbell, Manager, Resource Centre and Archives of the Hockey Hall of Fame.  

Mr. Pritchard e-mailed lethbridgemapleleafs.com today saying, “Once again congratulations on the upcoming 60th anniversary of the Lethbridge Maple Leafs.” We had quoted from a letter from Mr. Pritchard in an earlier post where he congratulated the Leafs on their 50th anniversary in 2001.  We had requested a picture of the Hockey Hall of Fame’s display that features Stan Obodiac’s jersey which he also sent (see photo below).

The Hockey Hall of Fame would like to build up its collection of the Lethbridge Maple Leaf Championship team and players. Both of them gave us examples of what they are looking for in the collection.   lethbridgemapleleafs.com will support  this and post  more about it soon! Stay tuned!

Hockey Hall of Fame Display  with Stan Obodiac's Jersey
Photo Courtesy Hockey Hall of Fame:
D.K. (Doc) Seaman Hockey Resource Centre

Finally, Mr. Pritchard  also commented on our site, “By the way, the site looks great...great photos!  Great job again, looking forward to working with you on this”.

Monday, February 7, 2011

$1,000 for Throw Back Lethbridge Maple Leaf Jersey #15-Nap Milroy's number worn by Max Ross

Max Ross
 Replica jersey number 15, Nap Milroy's number, was worn by Hurricane Max Ross and was the highest money earner in the Lethbridge Hurricane's very successful Lethbridge Maple Leaf  replica jersey auction. See the winning bid amounts at the Hurricane auction site.

The Lethbridge Hurricanes put together the following list of jersey numbers from the Lethbridge Maple Leafs:
1 Mallie Hughes
2 Dick Gray
3 Billy Flick
3 Bob McGregor*
4 Jim Malacko
5 Don Vogan
Nap Milroy
6 Billy Gibson
7 Don McLean
8 Hec Negrello
9  Stan Obodiac
10 Tom Wood
11 Walter Rimstad
12 Bill Chandler
14 Bert Knibbs
15 Nap Milroy
16 Lou Siray
17 Mickey Roth
17 Ken Branch*
18 Danny Flanagan
18 Jack Sumner*
19 Carl Sorokoki
* Indicates Lethbridge Maple Leaf players who did not play in the World Championships.

Friday, February 4, 2011

"An Insider Story" By Tom Wood- "We Played for the Love of the Game, the Fellowship, and the Occasional Beer"

We were very fortunate that Tom Wood sent this insider story he wrote of his memories of the 1951 Lethbridge Maple Leaf World Amateur Championship and Team. 
Tom wrote: On behalf of the few team members that are still living, I would like to pay tribute to our wonderful teammates who are not here to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of our great victory in Paris on March 17, 1951. ... I believe it is one of the most unique stories of the history of Canadian amateur hockey.   ....we played
for the love of the game, the fellowship and the occasional beer.

Thanks to James Sinclair for facilitating Tom's story for the post.
Click twice on the document to enlarge.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What About Bob?

What About Bob?

Earlier we posted comments from Tom Woods about Bob Kirkparick's key role in helping the Lethbridge Maple Leafs win the series against Melville Millionairres and earn the rite to represent Canada. What about Bob?

Bob Kirkpatrick as a New York Ranger -is the 10th  from front
(Click on picture to enlarge)
Bob Kirkpatrick (Dec. 1, 1915 – Feb. 20, 1988) was a 5’ 10”, 165 lb. centre who shot left.  He had  quick acceleration and could change gears depending on the game. Kirkpatrick won an Allan Cup with the Prince Albert Mintos in 1935-36. From there he played in Britain, at Earl's Court with the Rangers for one year.

Kirkpatrick returned to Canada to play senior hockey in Lethbridge, and after a making New York Ranger farm team,  the New York Rovers, he was called up to the  New York Rangers for the '42-'43 season. Due to injuries, the rookie Kirkpratick was moved to the top line with Bryan Hextall and Lynn Patrick.  He had 12 goals and 12 assists in 49 games. The Rangers did not make the playoffs and Kirkpatrick, like many other hockey players, joined the war.

He played 2 years while stationed in Winnipeg, then to St. Paul, Minnesota and then back with the  Lethbridge Maple Leafs, retiring in 1949. He briefly came out of retirement in the fall of 1950 to help the Lethbridge Maple Leafs win the the rite to represent Canada in the 1951 World Amateur Championships in Paris, France.  However, now at the end of his career, Bob retired and did not accompany the team to Europe. View his career stats here

More Photos of Lethbridge Maple Leaf Replica Jersey Night and Tom Wood and Nap Milroy Puck Drop

More photos of the puck drop by Lethbridge Maple Leafs Tom Wood and Nap Milroy and game night have been forwarded to us by the Lethbridge Huuricanes. Captain on the ice for Brandon Wheat Kings is Shayne Wiebe. Shayne had 2 shorthanded goals on the night and had a chance to tie a WHL record with a third but missed on a shorthanded breakaway in the third period.  Captain on the ice for the Lethbridge Hurricanes is Mike Reddington. Hurricanes won the game with Nap Milroy watching in the bottom photo. Also in the bottom photo is James Sinclair with a relica jersey and in the background Kerry Knibbs with his dads original jersey.

Photo Courtesy Cheryl Gudmundson
James Sinclair, Lethbridge Hurricane Players Jacob Berglund, Alex Kuvaev, Tyler Kizuik.  Captain on the ice for Brandon is Shayne Wiebe.  Captain on the ice for the Lethbridge Hurricanes is Mike Reddington.

 Photo Courtesy Cheryl Gudmundson
James Sinclair, Jacob Berglund, Alex Kuvaev, Tom Wood, Nap Milroy, Tyler Kizuik

Photo Courtesy Joshua Schroeder
Captain on the ice for Brandon is Shayne Wiebe.  Captain on the ice for the Lethbridge Hurricanes is Mike Reddington.

Photo Courtesy Joshua Schroeder

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tom Wood: A Conversation and a Few Stories

Tom Wood at the Rink
lethbridgemapleleafs.com  had the privilege of having a conversation with Lethbridge Maple Leaf Tom Wood shortly after he dropped the ceremonial puck.

Mr. Wood wanted to clear up one point to start.  Even though he was listed as playing right wing he was one of only four defenseman on the Lethbridge Maple Leaf team. He said he was a defensive defenseman, usually staying back, “Someone had to!”

Mr. Wood talked about how Stan Obdiac was a replacement for Bob Kirkpatrick. He said Kirkpartrick was an inspirational leader, "a strong, tough player". Without him, they would have never won the 8th game against the Melville Millionaires. With two minutes left he rallied the team and setup a goal, they scored a second one and shortly after  Negrello finally won it.  Because he was older, Kirkpatrick didn't want to go over to Europe and Obdiac was invited to replace him.

Mr. Wood  talked about how hard it was to travel over Christmas with a long boat ride to Europe. " We celebrated New Years in a pub in England you know". It was hard to start playing again and "the press was really hard on us". They started feeling pressure from back home and even though they started on a winning streak, the team understood why they sent replacements. He told us of the disappointment of the three players sent home shortly before the Championships but also how well the replacement line from Kingston fit in when they arrived. He repeated that the reason they won was because it was a total team concept and everyone got along very well.
Mr. Wood talked of the experiences of visiting and playing in Europe and Germany just a few years after the end of WWII.  He said there were still food rations in Holland and England but not Germany.

Stories about Tom Wood from Maple Leaf Stan Obodiac's Book: No Substitute for Victory

Late in the afternoon we went to Le Bouget airport in Paris carrying two trophies and one or two of us carrying hangovers. We caught a Viking Airliner and Tommy   Wood began the song "The Last Time I Saw Paris". p. 130
Tom Wood
Back on the ship Tom Wood was pacing the decks more than usual. He had been in telephone conversation with his father and was told his wife was taken to the hospital that very day. What a home coming he is going to have!  Perhaps a baby born to him on the same day as his triumphant arrival…..p.145 …his wife that very same 24 hours was giving birth to their first child - a son! p. 147
Tom Wood Ceremonial Puck Drop
Tom went missing! He had gotten lost in Switzerland.  He had been reading Eleanor Roosevelt’s book "This is My Story” and didn’t see the team leave and no one noticed  him missing until 45 minutes down the road. Tom said," it’s a different experience being lost in Switzerland". p.83

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Video of the Lethbridge Hurricane Ceremonial Puck Drop Honouring 1951 Lethbridge Maple Leafs: Nap Milroy and Tom Woods Drop Puck

Those in attendance at the Lethbridge Hurricane's home game honouring the 1951 Lethbridge Maple Leafs were privileged to watch World Champion Maple Leaf players Nap Milroy and Tom Wood drop the ceremonial puck (once they actually had a puck to drop).  lethbridgemapleleafs.com was there to record pictures in the previous blogs and record this video of the puck drop! James Sinclair led the procession!

Lethbridge Hurricanes Did It Right The Night They Honoured The Lethbridge Maple Leafs!

The Lethbridge Hurricanes did it right the night they honoured the Lethbridge Maple Leafs!

They made replica jerseys for a WHL game then made them available to the public through an innovative on-line auction; hung the banners high  from the rafters, hosted the Galt Museum and Archives Maple Leaf Artifacts on the main level; designed a commemorative program, invited 100 family and friends; and invited players Tom Wood and Nap Milroy to drop the ceremonial puck.
Congratulations to the Hurricanes for a first class production!

Still time to bid on those jerseys- auction site: www.hurricanesauction.com/